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Runescape 2007 - Edgeville Town Guide

2017-08-25 13:41| Runescape 2007 Edgeville Town  Guide 

Edgeville is one of the most populated Runescape 2007 towns. It can be entered by all players regardless of their membership status. It's a quest hub and a trading center. It has vendors, shops, and other points of interest. Edgeville's proximity to the Wilderness makes it a popular destination for PvP players. The bank is one of the usual gathering places as it is in the center of the town. This is a good place to buy and sell PvP related items. The Wilderness Statistics hang from the bank's wall. This statistic shows kills and deaths ratio for players.

The Edgeville General Store is a building with two levels. The ground floor has NPCs that sell various items. On the first floor, players will find a cooking range and Perdu. He is a dwarf merchant NPC that repairs some items and will sell players items they've previously obtained as a reward. Oziach's Armour is another store in town. Three items are in stock only if players have finished the Dragon Slayer quest. This is one of the four quests that are Edgeville related. The other three quests are Recipe for Disaster, The Great Train Robbery, and Garden of Tranquility. The dungeon is another compelling reason to visit the town. A part of the dungeon is free to play while the other can only be accessed by members. The Jail is home to an NPC that gives Wilderness slayer tasks. A furnace, a stove, and a teleport that takes players to level 56 Wilderness can also be found in the city. Three types of trees, yew, willow, and normal, grow in Edgeville.

There are three main town entrances. Players coming from the Wilderness will enter through the northern side. Those who come from the Barbarian Village will enter through the south gate. Travelers from Varrock take the eastern entrance. Players can travel to any of these three locations first and then walk to Edgeville. Those who want to get here directly can use an amulet of glory, the fairy ring teleport, and the canoe system. Ancient Magicks teleportation spells can be used to get to Edgeville or to various locations in the Wilderness.