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We collect all the information we have about FIFA 18

2017-09-08 14:07| FIFA 18  Information  

What awaits us in the second year of the Frostbite era? Is Alex Hunter coming back? Will there be new features in the gameplay? Find out in this guide!
FIFA 18 it´s about to be launched and we wanted to share with you the main features and characteristics of the iconic EA Sports game.

The Demo of the game will be able to download from the next September 15 although it will be necessary to wait one more weeks to enjoy the game in full.

Cristiano Ronaldo relieves Lionel Messi on the cover and becomes the new protagonist of the video game EA. The company revealed the definitive edition of the cover for the Gamescom of Cologne, the most important European fair of videogames.

It is the second year of the Frostbite engine and that has allowed a lot more work focused on improving the graphics. Players have more life, colors are much more successful and the level of definition is higher. That is a very important step forward compared to what FIFA 17 could offer us.

FIFA 18 will feature a new movement system. Thanks to him, the transitions have improved markedly to gain in fluidity. The movements of the players are more natural and there is a personalization of the most characteristic movements of the players. The challenge is to make each player look different than the other.

-Higher speed of response for all actions.
-More fluidity in the game and in the movements.
-Make you see the explosiveness of the actions in all their intensity.
-Personalization in both players and stadiums.
-The user is expected to experience an emotional immersion in the game.