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FIFA Mobile – What you need to know about stamina

2017-09-19 15:06| FIFA 18  Guide  FIFA Moible 

Stamina is a FIFA Mobile mechanic that controls how many activities players are allowed to take part in based on their level and stamina bar. Players can see how much stamina they have by going into the live events map. The stamina bar is displayed on the top part of the user interface. There's a yellow symbol in front of it that looks like a lighting or an energy sign. The actual bar is displayed after the yellow symbol and after the bar, a numerical representation shows the available amount of stamina out of the maximum allowed amount. If both numbers are equal, that means that players have their stamina bar full. The stamina bar will grow allowing players to have more stamina as they level up. The maximum stamina is 30. This is achieved at max level 50.

Players consume stamina each time they play a game or start a live event. Season and attack mode matches consume stamina. Initiating a live event also costs stamina. The stamina cost associated with each activity is displayed before starting it so players will know beforehand how many stamina points they will lose. One stamina point is consumed when challenging a player. It doesn't matter if it's an attack mode or a league match. The cost is one stamina. Season games are more expensive. One match in season mode costs one stamina. Live events have varied costs. Depending on the nature of the event, players will spend between 1 and 12 stamina.

There are a couple of ways to replenish stamina. It is automatically restored at a rate of one point once every 10 minutes. Leveling up is a much better way of restoring stamina. Each time players gain a new level, they will also see their stamina bar filled up. FIFA Mobile has special live events that allow players to gain full stamina. These are called fuel up live events. FIFA points can also be used to get a full stamina refill. Players pay 99 points for one refill.

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