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Why is There a Bad Connection of FIFA 18 in Spain?

2017-12-11 14:20| FIFA 18  FIFA 18 News  FIFA 18 Coins 

Starting from the basis that in Spain for very good internet connection you have contracted, you can never have the five latency bars to the maximum, and this is because the servers that we connect from Spain are in America, some users have been able to deduce that they are located either in California, the United States, or the most likely option, in Brazil, while in Central Europe and the United Kingdom the servers are located in the Netherlands, so the distance and the quality of the servers favors it to be much better; moreover, from France, our neighboring country, also makes use of these Dutch servers. Has EA Sports Spain given an explanation to this? Of course not.

We are going to give concrete examples from players and professionals at a competitive level in Spain, although it will also make an international appearance.

“While I was playing a normal fut champs game this happened. You call it a competitive gaming mode ?????”
Now we go to the bulk of the issue, to the complaint of the best Spanish players and with concrete evidence.

In the previous case, they directly collaborate with EA Sports Spain, so their complaints are based on fundamentals, since their comments can directly damage the image of the company and the game with which they collaborate.

“Destroyed. I cannot with the servers and the delay”.

The possibilities of qualifying me to the regional ones are reduced, unless I go into exile in Central Europe I see it as impossible. And they can also ban me for a server failure.

The examples cannot be more conclusive; and the conclusion we have left is that in Spain you cannot be a competitive player in FIFA 18, what we could do is build a better team with FIFA 18 Coins, since we will never reach the five latency bars and the delay with the rest of the countries of the European Union will be excessive and prevents us from competing in the same circumstances. So it seems that EA Sports is more concerned in continuing to draw different cards for Ultimate Team and sell FIFA Points than in addressing this series of problems.