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EA is Pleased With the Results of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch

2018-02-28 21:26| FIFA 18  News  Nintendo Switch 

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch has been a great test of fire for the hybrid console, something that EA had mentioned before. Taking into account the latest statements made by the director general of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué, this test would have been solved with resounding success by the Japanese machine.

In a recent interview with Les Numeriques (via IGN), Mr. Lavoué points out that EA "is satisfied" with the sales achieved by FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch. Exhibits, in turn, that the title has managed to sell 73,000 copies (in Switch, and not including digital figures) only in the French market, and that for the next installment, focused on the Russian World Cup, is expected that figure even to double.

The success of the sports simulator is maintained every year, and Spain is no exception to that either. Although we do not know the number of copies that belong to the Nintendo hybrid console, last January saw the repetition of FIFA 18 as the best-selling launch on the peninsula. Some news that, taking into account the dynamics that it achieves annually, no longer turn out to be any surprise.

Konami and Ubisoft, indicate in IGN, would be two other large companies that would have been equally satisfied with Nintendo Switch. On the part of EA, it seems that we should wait for new announcements for the future, so that the permanence of the franchise in the hybrid would seem to be a reality today.

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